Town Board– Nancy Zahler


Nancy Zahler for 4-year Town Board Seat!

Passionate about public service; committed to creating a strong, healthy community

  • Ulysses Christmas Bureau organizer for 20 years
    • working with individual volunteers, groups, businesses and organizations to provide 160+ needy children referred by Trumansburg school nurses with new clothes, gifts, and food at Christmas
  • Tompkins County Youth Services Director  30 years of experience providing leadership, planning, budgeting, grant writing and budget management
    • From 1980-2010, worked with every municipality in Tompkins County to help them organize local Youth Commissions to meet local needs, helped generate and oversee funding to support locally planned youth development programs for youth who fall in between the cracks
    • Organized a process to award $1 million in state, federal and county funds to non-profit youth agencies to serve 3,000 youth/year.
    • Managed a departmental budget of $1.5 million and supervised a staff of 6
    • Assisted the County Administrator develop a total quality management and staff development program
  • Experience creating bi-partisan coalitions with local governments to meet youth needs
    • Helped broker and manage the Intermunicipal Recreation Partnership to extend affordable recreational opportunities to children and youth throughout Tompkins County
    • Wrote grants for a coordinated a federally funded substance abuse prevention coalition
    • Organized many inter-agency groups to coordinate services and  divert youth from the juvenile justice and child welfare systems
    • Worked with businesses and youth agencies to improve training and employment opportunities for young people
    • Organized a youth worker training program to help professionals develop their skills and improve their ability to include and support young  people from diverse cultures.
  • Advisory Board experience:
    • Human Services Coalition Board of Directors, Executive Committee, current
    • Community Foundation of Tompkins County, Children & Youth Fund, current
    • Partnership for Children and Youth statewide Board of Directors, current
    • Workforce Investment Board of Directors, 25 years
    • Youth Employment Council, founder, past Chair,  5 years
    • Criminal Justice/Alternatives to Incarceration Board member, 5 years

Experience with the Town of Ulysses

  • Worked with Town and Village of Trumansburg to create a Joint Youth Commission to identify needs, set priorities and oversee youth development programs to meet local needs
  • Served on Advisory Committee for Federal grant to improve low-income housing in Ulysses


  • Appointed to Ulysses Town Board  May 2013
    • Liaison to the Village of Trumansburg
    • Liaison to the Joint Village-Town Youth Commission
    • Worked with Supervisor Liz Thomas on selection of Town Historians & Newsletter
    • Liaison to Tompkins County Area Development

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